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say hi to your mom
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bedroom pop is for lovers
8-bit, american apparel, analog, android love, baby robots, beards, bedroom pop, binary boxes, blip pop, brooklyn, brown paper packages, cashiers, couch-hopping, d.i.y., death to hipsters, dermormos, dimesions and verticals, discosadness, drum loops, electronics, eric elbogen, euphobia records, ferocious mopes, geek is chic, girls, high scores, holla back!, homemade drum machines, hooplas involving circus tricks, incorrect lyrics, irona, kcrw, laker games, laundry, let's talk about spaceships, lo-fi, love ruckus, mercury lounge, minimalism, mumbling voices, name dropping, neo-naive, nerds, north hollywood, notebooks, numbers & mumbles, old-school video games, one man bands, open letters, pi, pimps, pitchfork media hate, pop, prolific writers, robot stickers, robots, san fernando valley (not), sarcasm, say hi to your eric, say hi to your mom, sayhitoyourmom, shtym, software vs hardware, synth pop, t-ball trophies, t-shirts, teenage memories, there's the door, touring, tractorbeams